Risky Business


One of the highlights of a lot of weeks is the semi-regular game night.  A bunch of friends gather to play a WIDE assortment of games.  I think we have barely scratched the surface of the game closet.  I love all types of games (Monopoly not so much… think I mentioned that before).  Tonight was memorable for two games.  First was Cranium Pop in which I elected to give a humming clue to the name of a movie.  We needed one point to win the game.  However, I elected not to do a charades version of the movie in question.  So, I began to hum the old Bob Segar song “Old Time Rock & Roll.”  And hummed, and Hummed AND HUMMED. I even began clapping in time to the song to get the full effect, to no avail.  I ask you… how many movies feature that song in a memorable sequence?  The only scene I could think of to reenact is the scene from the movie in which the song was used and I was NOT going to do that… besides there was no couch to dance on in the room.  However, somehow, the opposing team also failed to get their points so it came back to our side and we won.

Another game was one that has been threatened with banishment into the “Jamiahsh banned game pile”.  Three for All involves a series of three words which the reader tries to get his teammates to say which then leads to the word that ties the other three words together.  For instance:

milk…dark…white = chocolate

After defeating our opponents, I became the delegated clue giver for the next round.  Kind of like hosting my own game show.  For some reason, the score was much closer.  Honestly, I don’t know if my friends get annoyed with me or not.  Maybe I should try a different approach next time and “let the wookie win” whoever that might be.

8 thoughts on “Risky Business”

  1. I was at the game last night. I thought your approach at playing the games was delightful. In fact, I have never laughed so hard. I recommend you not change a single thing. I am looking forward to the next time.

  2. Maybe the movements while humming would have worked? I doubt there would be a need for you to strip to your skivvies, and indeed I wouldn’t go that far either… 😮

  3. Not being a Tom Cruise fan, I never saw that movie and would have had no idea on any clue.

    I know ‘the scene’ from commercials.

  4. I too know the scene from commercials – never saw the movie and am dismayed to have to share my birthday with one Tom Cruise…
    Game night was fun!

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