Munchkin Junction What’s Your Function?


To wear out a thirtysomething who went along with his niece nephew and their eighteen year old babysitter.  Elizabeth, Noah, and Nate showed up around 12.30 and asked if I wanted to go across to the school playground.  Since school was still going on, I suggested going out to the park across town.  Elizabeth and Nate go to a neighboring school that let out yesterday and big brother had to go to school for a work day.  Being outnumbered, we decided that I would drive the two or three blocks to the park.  Really fun times, but got wore out.  One of the first things Elizabeth asked me to attempt was the swinging tire.  BIG MISTAKE!  Nate had to help me get out of it.  Later, we played some hide and seek amongst the pirate ship (AAAARGH!), wooden car, and drawbridge.  I think I was the ultimate victor since no one was able to find my spot.  We also had fun at the old water sput… one of the things you actually have to pump to get the water to come out.  Elizabeth and Noah got a little wet with no help at all from me (ok… maybe a little) but I would not complain if I had gotten a little wet…. it would have felt good.  I even slid down the slide to depart the  ship and join in glorious battle or to at least cature the scalawag who was firing cannons at me.  After discovering that the batting cage was not working, it was time to return.

4 thoughts on “Munchkin Junction What’s Your Function?”

  1. So did anyone get pics of the self-proclaimed thirtysomething in his second childhood? The tire swing or slide will do nicely…

    😀 😀

  2. nope… no photo but I would have posted them if I had… I’m not afraid. “I like my second childhood. I am enjoying it immensely.” (Grandpa Prophater). Strangely enough, Nate asked me if I remembered any of my lines from Meet Me in St. Louis, that was the first that came to mind.

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