Now THAT’S A Jamiah Song


I now have my set list for my little weekender.  I’m sure it is too late to submit until fall arrives as they usually take the summer off… or have the last few years.  Today at my lesson, I informed K that I had made a few changes… deleted a few songs and replaced them with others and whittled my list down from about 15 to 10.  Some of them require a second voice… so be on the look out for a request those of you who would be willing (I know at least one tangenteer who I will not ask… upon pain of torture or worse).  One of my new additions was a spark of hilarity.  I have had the song in the back of my mind since I began.  K was not familiar with the song until we had gone through it a few times.  She was in her husband’s car listening to the satellite radio when it came over the air.  After hearing it for the very first time she exclaimed… “Now THAT is a Jamiah piece!”  So glad she agrees.  And it even went fairly well for a lesson in sight singing.

In other news, I must wish a Happy Birthday… in case I don’t make a post tomorrow… to a GREAT friend!  The last few months have not been the greatest for me personally and our Wonderful admin has been right there for me every gimpy step of the way.  Definitely not the only one who has been but I thank God every day for his wisdom, guidance, and above all his friendship.  Happy Birthday, C!


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