Not As Good As Others


Well as I am often reminded after wishing customers a good day: “They are all good just (all together now) some are better than others.”  I think that this year has taught me that there are times that test us but with the help of family, the best of friends and the power of HIM above, we manage to get through them even (often times) better for the experience.

This past week, my Dad was back in the hospital.  At least he was in the right place at the right time as he was at his doctor’s office for a follow-up and ended up spending the next two nights and one day in the luxurious accommodations of our area hospital.  After getting him checked out, I had to take him across the street to the medical center for his appointment with a specialist.  I learned something new about his condition: one of the arteries in his neck is 60% blocked.  Unfortunately, physicians do nothing unless it is at 80% or more.  I’m beginning to think that this just might be the crux of his problems.  Not knowing how it feels physically, I can see where it is having an effect on his mental health.  The specialist said he would see him in another year and sent him on his way.  Seems to be the response of the day.  In any case he had a CT scan done today, has a stress test next week, and to the VA on Thursday.  Think that is why he asked his sister to come up from California who arrived last night 😉

Prayerfully, Chad seems to be doing well.  Yesterday, he went in to have his gall bladder removed.  His friend called here about 10AM before he went “under the knife” and by one, my brother was out of surgery, in recovery, and doing wonderfully.  He got to come home a few hours after as well.

I received a Facebook comment yesterday from BooBoo who “Hopes that the Jamiahsh family has investments in the hospital.”  After this year, I think we have our own private rooms with engraved beds. 😀

And thanks to my pal-brother who happened to be in the ER the other night and was there for them as he, himself, was checking on another friend.

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  1. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. Must be a run on gall bladders in the area – your brother is the second person that I know who lost one in recent weeks.

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