Manny Returns


Last night, while the parents went to a holiday gathering I got to stay with some of my favorite little ones for a few hours.  If I’m not mistaken they get a full two weeks for holiday break?!  I think our own school doesn’t dismiss until Wednesday.  As always, I had a ton of fun!

Little Beebs was put down for his nap being promised that I would be there when he woke up which (I am informed) put him down almost immediately.  It did take him a few minutes to get the grogginess of sleep out of him when he first arrived.  Get him busy on his new tool kit and we were all good.  Although, I think the cordless drill might be running out of juice.  So, I showed him the joy of pounding nails in with the hammer.

Sammie was captivated by her new digital camera.  Carrying it around like an old pro snapping pictures here and there.

Dis was her normal, cute self.  We cuddled on the couch and spent some time watching Spongebob.  I must be outgrowing the adventures of the denizens of Bikini Bottom but delighted in the kids’ excitement every time the sponge came on the scene.  Later, the three little ones played Thomas while Manny terrorized the train as the monster who kept throwing boulders from atop a cliff.  Thankfully, I had dinner ready so I could put the Tank Engine to bed.  Fold up kid size playsets are the best… only took a few minutes to figure out how each part folded up.

I did get to bring gifts for the little ones for Christmas and one for the young lady, Taylor on her birthday. Hopefully, the four can share the joint gift I bought.  I thought it was a fun way to enjoy the holiday.  But Taylor really has grown from the little girl I met nearly 5 years ago into a very helpful, mature, and fun pre-teen.  While changing a little package of my own, Taylor was quick to answer a phone call and to release the hounds.  Although SOMEHOW! “Beasel” got into the garage and created havoc or at least paw prints and diaper breath.

C&L and I did get to play a game when they returned and after the game was finished, I knew that we were all ready to say good night after a long weekend.  An evening filled with fun and the unexpected (PSHEW!) as always.

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