How You Can Accuse Him Is A Mystery

Last night, I spent a few hours at one of my favorite places to play some games.  I must say that The Office DVD Trivia Challenge is a BLAST.  I may have come in a distant third with 5 Schrute Bucks, but it was fun nonetheless.  I will have to start rewatching episodes Tuesday nights on TBS to hone my knowledge of Michael Scott and associates.  However, I will not bother to say who won the rest of the games.

We also discussed the choice for the upcoming summer musical production.  C asked me if I was going to audition.  I immediately answered “No.”  Honestly, I cannot believe it came out as deadpanned serious as it did because the reaction I got was… “YOU JERK.”  I broke out in laughter.  Of course I am going to audition but he better be, too.  To which taylhis responded about his low self-esteem and the fact that he will complain that his audition was terrible.  On this note, I must agree.

My friend, you have inspired me soooooo much in the past few years… I’m not sure I have mentioned all the ways  and I will not elaborate here.  I just do not understand how one that has inspired not only myself, but I am sure other members of this blog site can be so goofy.  I have seen first hand this TOTALLY UNFOUNDED quality in you more than once and it drives me CRAAAAAAAAZZZZZZYY!!!!!  Man, you are so unbelievably talented and ‘I know nothing any of us can say will change your mentality.  However, I do expect you to be right along with me in May when we BOTH go to audition.  Amen.

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  1. I agree with you on most points, however, he will have to get past me to audition. I must say I’m not crazy about the idea of being left home alone with 4 kids several nights a week again; I mean, that’s what I do all day and my light at the end of the tunnel each day is seeing my hubby. When he did the last show, it was awful for me, and I was lonely at night… I don’t want to hold him back, but if I have to stay home with the kids AND tolerate his self-esteem issues about his singing which I know I will, I really don’t want him to audition. Just my opinion though; I can’t force him to do anything or NOT do anything for that matter… but I STILL haven’t gotten “paid back” with alone time from all the nights he had Nerd rehearsal, AND he’s planned Little Shop for the fall with another person assisting him in the directing… so I know I will be home alone next fall as well. Sigh. I guess I should get myself in a play and ditch him with the kids!

  2. Yes… I did not forget about you, taylhis. That would definitely be a concern since LSOH would start right after the summer show. Won’t comment aside from this on your list statement 😉 Just trying to make a point upon his greatness… although I do keep wishing to be on stage with him.

  3. As one with my own self-esteem issues, I can understand the audition letdown. I can also understand the time required to do all these theater projects.

    Anyway, the person in question is one of the most talented I’ve worked with. Always a pleasure to watch on stage, be directed by, or act with. And that is a compliment from someone whose normal compliment is “Fine”.

  4. I think everyone has self-esteem issues at one time or another. I’m just one that finds it in others and thinks he has to fix them… ever the optimist…. which can have its faults

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