Back In Room 911


So after a few hours of sleep (WHO SLEEPS ON A VACATION?), the troops went to breakfast in the hotel.  Interesting experience… not because of something we did.  After breakfast, we went to the pool before Big C had to go to work.  The water was wonderful… the moment I stepped into the three feet section, it was heavenly warm.  Usually, there is a need to get used to the temperature.  C encouraged me to do a gold medal dive into an at most five foot pool…ok, sure.   While I was doing a good job of keeping the three girls occupied, C&L took Beeber to meet the clients.  It was quite fun… chasing Sammers as she made a lap of the entire pool while holding onto the edge.  She still amazes me with her adventurous (if a bit mischievous) nature and very inquizative mind.

After Sammie finally decided to come back to the dull shallow end,  we played a game of Shark Attack (and guess who was the shark).  We also became acquainted with a few young boys and their Canadian grandmother who have ties to our corner of the world.  It seems that she had accompanied her son’s family on a business trip to help take care of the children.  Her son lives and works at a factory in the village of Hicksville where I just completed a run in Meet Me in St. Louis.  Small world, indeed.

About this time, Dis noticed that Mom and Dad were nowhere to be found.  So, it was time to make a dash back to the room to avoid a major melt down.  By good fortune, Lis was in the room with Beeber so we went down to the riverfront to walk around and feed the seagulls and enjoy the Manhattan skyline.  Being my first time to NYC since 9/11, it was a chilling experience to personally take in the empty space where once stood the World Trade Center towers.  Yes, my room number was 911.

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  1. Hopefully you never needed anyone to call your room. I can just imagine the look if you had to tell someone, “Just pick up the house phone and dial 911 to get me.” 😮

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