A Swary Family Reunion With A Voice From Beyond


Today was Aunt Carol’s memorial service.  It was really difficult but a very nice way for friends and family to gather to celebrate fond memories and the long, hard fought battle she waged for a remarkable 7 years (even more remarkable knowing that her original diagnosis was 5).

We arrived at the funeral home around 2.  After consoling Alicia and Stacy, Mom decided to sit in the most comfortable seat she could find which happened to be in the back corner.  By the time the service began at 4.30, the section we sat in turned into a Swary gathering with some very old friends in the mix.  I was getting tired of sitting in the rather uncomfortable chairs and Mom and I both decided that it would be nice if I went up front and sat with Diane (one of Carol’s close friends and my boss) since she was all alone as her husband had to work.  Good chance to pick on her.

Behind us was a woman who has seemingly completely channeled Emily or knows her just as well as I do… or more likely, both.  A few weeks ago, Aunt LuAnn commented on my facebook post wishing everyone a Happy New Year by posting “What Would Mrs. Curtis Say?” (kind of like the old bracelets people would wear asking “What Would Jesus Do?”).  Today, I was reminded of an escapade I undertook that ended after I exited the Ohio turnpike and came back home.  How those two told me to take three months and see where I ended up.  Work at McDonald’s or some other job and see what happened.  I told her that I am not dead yet.   Let’s see if this brings out some lurkers and you know who you are 😉 !  It was just scary… I swore I heard Emily talking to me in Lu’s body.

Back to the service.  Just like Emily, Carol had the entire thing planned.  Except for a letter written by Alicia that was so heartwarming that I lost it.  Carol fought tooth and nail until her work on Earth was complete.  I think the time really came to her final breath when she said she was ready to “go home.”

After the service, I had to quickly pull it together as I had to song lead at mass.  I was really amazed how well I did.  More help from above?  It was the end of the Christmas season as the Baptism of the Lord was celebrated.  Thus, I sang “Joy to the World,” “What Child is This?” and “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”  Tomorrow following 10.30AM mass, the decorations will be taken down for another year.

So… something to consider while remembering someone who was loved so greatly.  Alicia and Stacy both commented how much they loved my previous post.  Maybe I can get a few more comments 😉

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  1. I forgot to mention how sorry I was for your loss. I have had two recent funerals to sing for and I know people do appreciate your voice Jamiahsh! I also want to hear the story.

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