An Unexpected Song And Dance


Sunday afternoon is the annual All County Band and Chorus concert.While in high school, I always looked forward to this event. Not only did it mean two days out of school to practice, (I went for both groups all four years), but it also meant being surrounded by fellow students who shared a passion for music. However, one of the schools in the county, until recently, never chose to participate. During my junior year, we had the privilege of having R.D. Mathey as the guest clinician for the choir. It featured, among other pieces, a medley of Andrew Lloyd Webber pieces. I was among the brave souls who tried out for a duet of “Unexpected Song” from Song and Dance. Unfortunately, I was not chosen to sing the duet. I do remember the performance of Jester Harrison’s “Amen” which was a staple of the BGSU Men’s Chorus under Mathey’s direction. I tried to find a youtube video but they must not perform it anymore.

Another common occurrence was the typical winter storm that would either cancel the concert or postpone it for a week. One year, it was delayed twice before it was finally shelved for the year. Why it has always been in the middle of winter, I do not know. Justj, is your youngest involved this year?

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  1. Well, the storm is expected tomorrow – should be clear by Sunday, hopefully. It hasn’t snowed for a month and now ironically is predicted just in time to ruin a SURPRISE visit from Grandma from IL. She specifically said she is NOT coming if it snows; that’s why we didn’t tell the kids. But, surprise, surprise, Grandma emailed today to say she is coming AHEAD of the storm, and will be here bright and early in the morning to surprise our VERY happy kids – YAY!!!

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