Grandpa Meet The Trolley


Tonight Act numero dos with the orchestra went much better than any of us had planned. Perfection… I would not go that far. There were some problems. Missed qs or rs. Songs falling apart, but I have been in a show or two when during the final week of rehearsal, we had the same thing happen. “A Victim of Gravity” comes to mind. But, I am really getting into this Grandpa thing. I had everyone on stage, in the orchestra, and a few people sitting in the audience laughing at some of his antics… to which madame director was quick to admonish. Tonight was also bio night. “John Truitt” mentioned that he had no idea what to include so I let him glance at my rambling. When he came to my favorite roles, he had to comment. Morat Notboratnichkov? Once again, the Liswathistani came out for a moment. Confusion arose since everyone naturally assumes this is Borat, but NO, NO, NO… not Borat… MMMMMMORAT. Plus, we attempted one of the most dreaded moments of any show: the curtain call. Has anyone EVER been in a show in which the curtain call went perfectly the first time? OK… maybe not the first. But I am sure we will need to work on it again and again. Especially when there is a 13 member chorus along with several walk on cast members and 11 principals. Grandpa took a seat on the trolley while everyone else fell over each other. Two weeks from tomorrow!

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  1. Can’t wait to see it – working on the babysitting situation now… unfortunately it looks like a busy weekend for the entire NW Ohio region, especially when it comes to theater! But we will figure something out.

  2. FYI – I think Chris and I will be playing a WCCT version of the Newlywed game (really couples, I guess, I don’t think a 10 year marriage qualifies us as newlyweds) tomorrow, if you want to check it out…

    1. You will just have to report on the experience at the Oscar Party…. if you do play. I expect a victory for the two of you 😉

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