You’ve got the what?


I now have permission to write this blog. The news has been spreading and most of the people that needed to know, know. So with this post we will all be more knowledgeable.

Last weekend, my oldest left a message on my cell phone for me to call her. Her news was that she had three bars. Being bit dense, I thought 5 bars was good for cell phones. She was talking about different bars. Apparently my oldest is expecting her first child. So I have a grandchild coming into the world. Great news for this grandfather. I’m rather looking forward to being able to spoil a grandchild within easy visiting distance.

Those who know me, know that my two oldest daughters both have step-children. As far as I’m concerned these are my grandkids too. Unfortunately, I do not get to visit with them as often as I would like. Two of these children are many miles away, and I don’t have the time or cash to be able to take off at the drop of a hat to visit. I surely wish I was able to, but right now I can’t. My other granddaughter doesn’t get to visit very often, situation is complex, as often happens. So now I will have a grandchild only 1 hour away. Great for the child, but I’m not sure how the parents will react. Hee! Hee!

Now for the fun part. My future grand child already has a nickname. When darling daughter was calling people to let them know about the future happenings, she called her grandparents. They were involved in this or that, and wondered if my daughter could call back. My daughter, with her usual humor, responded: “Sure, I’ve got 9 months.” Her grandmother heard: “Sure, I’ve got the mumps.” It apparently took a bit of explaining to get across the wording of “9 Months”. Grandma kept hearing mumps. I really would have liked to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. Anyway, my future grandchild’s current nickname is Mumps.

It should be a fun time in NW Ohio for the next few months, or even years.

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  1. Congrats to your oldest. What does that expression mean anyway? From your article “3 bars” is related to “pregnant” but that’s as far as I got. As I just mentioned on another blog, I am a non-parent, and hence ignorant.

    Even though you have two step-grandchildren I imagine you’re pretty chuffed right now about this blood-related one (this is not to suggest you will love any of them less than the others). 🙂

  2. My best guess on the 3 bars is that it is the indicator on the home pregnancy test. I thought they had + and – signs, but I really don’t know.

    As far as steps and blood, absolutely makes no difference to me. I’m really exited about one being close enough to visit on a more frequent schedule.

    Come to think of it, I guess I really can’t call this one blood either. My oldest was also adopted by me. Never made any difference between her and her sisters, so I can’t see it ever making a difference in their children

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve never heard anything about 3 bars. Maybe it has to do with a pregnancy test… there are a bunch of different ones out there. There are the plus and negative sign ones, and mine always had two bars…
    Out of curiosity, if the new baby’s father is the youngest of 17, what number grandchild is this for his parents, or have they lost count?
    CONGRATS again – this is very exciting news. If Emily has any questions or concerns about anything regarding her pregnancy, I’ve been there more than a few times and would be happy to help if I could… give her my email or my #.

  4. CONGRATS to Gramps and the new parents. I could not be happier for you all. I bet you are already planning ways to spoil the coming bundle. That is just super.

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