Winter Weather Ahead


I’m all cozy at home waiting for a winter storm.  We already have about 3.5 to 4 inches of snow on the ground with up to another 12 inches still coming.  I realize that for some parts of this country, that is just flurries, but for my part of Ohio, that is a major storm.    We just aren’t equiped to handle that much snow.   My guess is that if we get that much, there will be some level of snow emergency here.    Oh well, I have plenty of food and firewood.

The house is very comfortable, I finished a wonderful bowl of stew, some fruit and a cup of tea.  The creature comforts are here.   I wish I could say everything was going well, but I’m missing an evening with friends tonight and my youngest is a bit under the weather.  That, of course, is the way of life.

As I’ve said this part of Ohio is not used to this much snow.  There are many High School basketball games being canceled.  Dance classes canceled.  Bingo Cancled.  And the biggest thing that indicates bad weather, the outlet mall nearby will be opening later in the day than normal…  Shock of all shocks!!!  

Planned events for the weekend – canceled or postponed, but I’m home safe and fairly sound.   That my friends makes a good evening for me.  Now off to study my lines….

5 thoughts on “Winter Weather Ahead”

  1. Wow. After most of the snow melted over last week, we got only about an inch a few nights ago, followed by another couple this morning. Tonight we’re only supposed to get about four inches, unless they’ve updated the report. In short, nothing like your four + twelve.

  2. WOW! I was wondering about pizza delivery places… but if they closed last night, they can’t possibly close again today, can they? And I know of those outlet malls. I find them strange because there’s not a restaurant in sight! We always want to stop and eat right about there when we travel to IL. There’s only one restaurant at that exit and it’s not near the outlet malls. Who doesn’t get hungry while they’re shopping? Seems like a great place to open a restaurant… Girlfriends could meet at a restaurant for a day of shopping, etc… I just don’t get it.

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