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Today I was inundated with spam comments today.  When I got home there were many waiting for me to throw in the spam trash bucket.  

I noticed a plugin that is supposed to head the spam off before it gets to me, but I’m wondering how well it will work.  I didn’t see a way to check to see what was being blocked, so I hope it doesn’t end up blocking friends from posting, so I will keep an eye or two peeled for that.  

I guess this means that my blog is getting attention from some quarters now.  I’m not sure I like that kind of attention, but it does come with the territory.   I can’t really say I’m surprised by the spam or the contents of it, but it does surprise me that it has become more frequent.   For the first few months of blogging, I got a small handful of spam replies.  I think I tripled that amount in the last 2 days.   It all looks like the same site or type of site generating the spam too.  Same type of message, same layout, same content.

Ok for you other bloggers, have you been recently plagued by more spam?

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  1. Hmm… you must have applied the spam block after your latest comments. I applied it a few days ago and it has not blocked any of my regulars commments and I haven’t gotten any pharmaceutical ads since applying.

  2. jamiahsh, Nope, I just hopped over to another browser. There I could post exactly 1 comment. Then to another, and post 1 more comment to any other tangents blogger.

  3. I’m not sure how well the spam filter works, or it could work too well. I turned it off and have black listed some of the spammers. I’ve had 32 since I started marking them as spam this week.

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