Upsetting news for parents


My youngest is on her way to a show choir competition. That in itself is enough to make a parent worry a bit. She will be spending this evening on a bus, and arrive at the destination tomorrow afternoon. That is also enough to make a parent worry.

But she is heading south and east to South Carolina and the Myrtle Beach area. Has anyone seen the news about that area? Unfortunately, I have. If you haven’t I will share.

FIRES in South Carolina.

Can a just say that this is really something to worry about. My youngest is always getting herself in this situation. When she was in the 8th grade she went to a Vet Camp. There was news that a Black Bear was roaming around in that area. Hmmm.

She decided to go to a specific college. There was a dorm fire in the dorms she was going to be living in. The students in the fire were in the same area of study she wants to go into. Hmmm.

Does bad luck follow my little girl all over the place, or is this just some weird set of coincidence.

I’m guessing the latter. It helps keep me sane.

3 thoughts on “Upsetting news for parents”

  1. Sure it is just a weird set of coincidences and your youngest will be safe and sound back in good ol’ NWO very soon. Besides, she has always come back, apparently. But will keep sending good thoughts her way 🙂

  2. I was wondering about the fires in Myrtle Beach – I trust that she will be safe, but I was worried they would travel all the way there, spend the money to get there, and then the competition would be canceled.
    I think these are just coincidences. The black bear and the dorm fire were BEFORE she was there. Like Jamiahsh said, she returned safe each time. And in the case of the dorm fire – statistically that lowers the chances of it happening again any time soon. Plus the college might learn from that tragedy and step up safety, protecting future students like your daughter.
    There was a dorm fire when I was in college – had to evacuate down the stairwell of a 30-story building – I was near the top. When we got downstairs, we learned that it was my friends’ room on another floor that burnt. The fire started near the couch – the same couch I had crashed upon countless times. So I considered myself lucky, as well as my friends who were not injured.
    My point is, college might seem dangerous. It’s the first time kids are really set free in the world. But if anyone can handle it, it’s the daughter you are referring to. This is something she really wants and I think she’ll do a wonderful job working hard to achieve her goals.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her this weekend.

  3. It looks like wildfires have replaced hurricanes in recent years. Winter turns out to be the best season since it has brought relief from both, but now that it’s over they have begun again. Here’s to the safety of your young’un, and I agree- though bad luck seems to have surrounded her, she has not been a part of it herself, so no worries beyond the standard parent-child ones. 🙂

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