Bored With The Afghans


My cousin and her small family moved to Alaska last November. Alaska?! Who goes to Alaska!  (HEHE… small inside joke).  Char’s husband was stationed there after his training in the U.S. Army.  In March, Rich was deployed to Afghanistan but he is allowed to communicate via phone or computer from time to time. He will be able to return for a week or so for the arrival of their second child (reportedly another little girl). I chatted with him a few weeks ago to discover that he is stationed in a relatively safe zone… in fact, he was bored.  I think I would rather be bored in Afghanistan than being in the heat of battle somewhere else..

My sister got a phone call this afternoon from Alaska.  It seems that Rich helped set up for a concert that will be taking place featuring a famous country star.  Both Char and Christi were upset that they could not be there, too because Rich got to meet him and got his autograph.  I told them… if you wanted to meet him so badly, you could both enlist and join him.  Don’t suppose that is very likely in their familial circumstances.  But I believe that they were both promised autographs.  Hopefully, some pictures as well.

I wonder what Christi would have done if instead of Toby Keith there were stars of the WWF or WWE or whatever the so called “professional wrestling” group calls themselves.  I belive it has been downgraded to “sports entertainment.” Honestly, it reminds me of a soap opera with all the convoluted story lines and obviously staged matches. .. good for a laugh.   However, somehow there is a number of members in my family  who enjoy it.  I still remember running outside on Saturday mornings when dad turned it on.  To each his own, I guess.  I would much rather see Toby Keith in person.  Of course, there are other celebrities I would like to meet.

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  1. Toby Keith has some good music. I think I would be scared to meet him in person though – he is a rather large man with a temper to match. He is notoriously snubbed time after time at the country awards shows, supposedly because he isn’t “obedient” in the industry and just does his own thing. Lots of talent though… it would be cool to meet him as a fan; I dont’ think he’d try to do anything angry – like he did during the whole Ethan Hawke debacle:
    and here is another one, a recap of a verbal tongue lashing he gave another journalist:
    Anyway, he is an entertaining celebrity. I wonder what he’s like in person (if you’re not a journalist!) If you get pics, I’d love to see them!

  2. Alaska? Brr… Though weather is just a bit different in Afghanistan, isn’t it. I hope everybody enjoyed the concert though.

    And congrats to your cousins of course.

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