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I spent some time at my eldest’s house on the 3rd of July. With my two youngest daughters, and the youngest son-in-law we (and a few others) climbed on the roof to get a better view of Maumee’s Fireworks. It was a wonderful location. A bit far to get the full effect of the detonations, but close enough to have a full view of the fireworks. It was a good evening.

It started out with food, drink, conversation, music and friends. I met a few more of my daughter’s friends, and sometimes I wonder and then I wonder some more. A very diverse group met for the evening.

Our early evening fireworks started off with a few brats burning on the grill. Yes, in the things going on during the party the grill was left unattended for a bit too long. There was still plenty to go around, so all was good.

At the end of the evening, when the group started to break up, I bade my own farewells to get some rest for what was going to be a busy 4th. More on that later…

9 thoughts on “Up on the roof”

  1. “A few brats burning on the grill.” I had to read that line again to get the correct context. 😀

  2. With the group at the party, the context of that line can’t be assumed. However when the ‘brats’ were burning, the other ‘brats’ weren’t there yet. 😉

  3. ‘Rooftop’… I would like to try that and put it on my unusual places to see fireworks list along with ‘from a mountain’. So far, I have ‘from an airplane’, ‘from a boat’, and ‘from a high-rise’ on the list. Sounds cool – and I wouldn’t have missed the noise either.

  4. Hmm. I wonder how the roof idea would have worked over here? We are within walking distance of our town’s fireworks- 40,000 attendees at a sold-out event!! That’s right, this year people had to pay to get in. But a rooftop is free. 😉

  5. Pay per view fireworks? Hmm… would really have to think about that. When at Disney or any other park, most people don’t pay just to watch the fireworks at night.

  6. Technically, I suppose, the fireworks were free. However, the only way to get in this year was to pay the admission price to see the horse races which I understand went almost right up to fireworks time. This is the first year they did this, but judging by the sellout crowd it is pretty much guaranteed it won’t be the last…

  7. So… like a ballgame where they happen to have fireworks at the park following the game… makes sense.

  8. Taylhis, if you are interested, come along next year. We do this every year now, although it was exponentially larger this year than last. It’s kid friendly, and we have a pool!

  9. And if I bring ALL the kids, it will be exponentially larger than last again!
    Thanks for the invite – we’ll talk when it gets closer! 🙂
    Also, if you are ever in our area for a game night (usually on Fri nights), come on by!!!

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