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Since I’ve been sharing some family hints in the kitchen, I remembered many stories and recipes that went together. Most of these stories were due to the fact that my children were picky about the food they ate. Some are more picky, some grew out of the picky stage. As you may be able to tell, some are still in the picky stage. I’ve decided that my blog is not the ‘stage’ that I want for these stories and recipes. Some may make it here, just because they were so much fun. Others will not. After this project is finished I may want to share the completed work, at least with my girls. 😉

Why share this here? I think I need a little bit of pestering just to get it done. So I’m asking, maybe begging, for my loyal readers to comment on this post every so often. Ask me how it is going, or even if I worked on it.

Some fun Huh?

7 thoughts on “Stories of life, love and family”

  1. Hey, j… how’s it goin? I was a picky eater, too. Guess you could say I outgrew it for the most part. I wouldn’t say that I would eat ANYthing at this point, just some of the things I would not have eaten in my younger days.

  2. I’m confused, but maybe it’s just me, been a long day, and I think it’s my turn for The Illness…
    So anyway, what is the project and you are or are not putting it on your blog?
    Again, sorry for the ditziness – this is not the first thing today I haven’t been able to follow – cannot for the life of me find where I put my husband’s jeans after I washed them, for one!!

  3. Since this blog is title “Random Thoughts” I don’t think you’re allowed to dwell on any one topic for long since that wouldn’t be very random now, would it? 😉

    Then again, it’s your blog so anything goes; there are no rules. 🙂

  4. Derek

    Random is like flipping a coin and having it land on heads 49 out of 50 times. It is always a random event, but sometimes the results look the same. Just as long as the coin isn’t weighted on one side. 😉

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