The Popular Social Networking Site Called “Book Face”

It’s time for me to officially make my presence known on Facebook.  If you watch the awesome NBC comedy “The Office”, then you’ll understand the reference in the title of this blog post involving a creative Halloween costume worn by Jim Halpert, a character on my favorite show – it was hilarious!

But back to me learning Facebook…  some time ago I signed up for a Facebook account (don’t even remember why), but then I stopped using it because it started doing freaky things behind my back – like randomly adding mere acquaintances and business associates as my Facebook friends.  That was NOT the way I had envisioned social networking!  But my youth group kids have been BEGGING me to join Facebook, and since I took pictures of them last week, we decided that my homework challenge is to get on Facebook so I can post our pictures.  So here I go, and the first thing I’ll be doing is looking for a way to NOT invite everyone on my email contact list to be my Facebook friend!

6 thoughts on “The Popular Social Networking Site Called “Book Face””

  1. or is that “We’re coming to get you” from 2004? 1968 or 1990? I like the 1968 movie.

    Do us tangent bloggers get to be your friends?

  2. No, no tangents bloggers as Facebook friends, but that’s only because I’m not going on Facebook after all! Went on Facebook, saw all the requests I have from various people for various things, and got scared back off. Instead I’m going to set up a tangents blog for our youth group, to be kept separate from my Mommy blog.

  3. I guarantee you I wouldn’t have been your FB friend had you gone along with it, but only because I don’t use it either, or wish to- nothing to do with real friendship of course.

    Incidentally, in one of my email accounts I have an email from several years ago welcoming me to MySpace, before it became the social networking predecessor of Facebook. I don’t remember ever signing up for it but I must have had a reason.

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