Pets we’ve had in our house

I’ve said many times how many pets we’ve had in this house, but I haven’t really posted any pictures of them. Here is a small sampling of the many different pets that have lived here. I am missing pictures of the guinea pigs, hamsters, bird, turtles, frogs and hedgehog. If I find any I will post them.

First up, Colin. He was my wife’s “Hearing Ear Dog”. Not formally trained, but he did a very good job at alerting her to sounds in the house.

Next the rabbits, the black one was Samantha, the grey was Clover, and the brown flop ear rabbit was Freddy.

And of course some of the many chinchillas we’ve had through the years.

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  1. That is only a small portion of the chins we’ve had. I’m missing pictures of some of the beige chins, a mosaic or two and a few grays. They were always trying to form a coalition, but could be bought with raisins, dried fruits or sunflower seeds.

  2. Those are all extremely cute animals… coming from someone who thinks ALL animals are cute, but still, these are very cute! I like the black rabbit’s name 😉

  3. The black and gray rabbits were Netherland Dwarfs, and the other was a mini-lop. I thought you might like the black rabbits name.

  4. A lover of small animals I see, including the dog at the top from what he looks like. Ever anything bigger like, say, a rottweiler? 😛

    Of course they’re cute.

    1. That dog looks little, but it is just because he has such short legs. Most people would never believe he weighs in a close to 30 pounds, and isn’t overweight. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

      Yes, my wife was a lover of small animals. If I had the choice when we got this dog, he would have been a German Shepard or Siberian Husky.

    1. Megan

      Yes, we’ve had quite a list of pets.

      Dogs, frogs, fish, turtles, toads, rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs, canary, guinea pig, hamsters, dwarf hamsters. I think that is everything. Maybe if my kids would check up on me, they could correct me.

  5. Never had a pear tree, but there may have been a partridge in the house. I wouldn’t have known the difference during the full menagerie years.

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