Fun In A Different Costume Room


Tonight’s rehearsal was extremely interesting and cut short because of our limited space.  The stage was being used for final dress rehearsals for the production of Steel Magnolias going up this weekend.  The community room in the building (which has been used as our practice area prior to the stage opening up) was being used by another civic organization.  Our final option was to use the costume room.  On Sunday afternoon when I found out that this was where we would be practicing, I had to laugh.  The WCCT costume facility is wall to wall, floor to ceiling, full of rods, shelves, totes, and boxes full of clothes with very little space to move around.  Tonight, I walked into a room that was much larger and less packed with clothes.  Maybe this was because it seemed that there was a fraction of the costumes present.  There was still a limited amount of space.

Before we began, I met the young man who will be playing John Truitt, the “boy next door.”  We have something in common: both of us are featured in a  youtube video.  And of course, this lead to the introduction by everyone’s favorite Liswathistani.  This drew quite a reaction (a good reaction) from everyone there.  I made sure to invite everyone to look up the video.  “John” and “Grandpa” share one brief moment on stage together.  One of the highlights of the evening was seeing “John” learn how take an on-stage punch from a girl.  I had an experience taking an on-screen punch during a melodrama,  In one performance, the hero’s fist actually collided with me… OOPS 😀  OOPS again, I took an on-STAGE punch.

By the time we had finished (early), we had blocked the largest scene in the musical and one smaller scene.  Some good Grandpa moments in those scenes including a very lovely, tender moment with Esther… right before we do that thing that will be taught this weekend…. looking forward to that 😀 .

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