Moving Pictures


Trying again to move pictures and other files around to help keep thing in order on my computer.  I’ve never really been much of a picture taker, but with a digital camera it is so easy just to keep clicking away.  I’m still trying to file all of my video files, but they take much longer to move around.   I may have to buy a Blu-Ray writeable drive when the cost of the media comes down.  I really don’t need to keep the videos on the hard drive, but to fit them on DVD’s almost always compresses them and they lose quality. 

Anyway I’ve been spending the evening looking at pictures, giving them better titles, and moving them to specific folders.  Then I can group these together by type of picture and keep better track of them.  I’m still trying to find pictures of our first dog,  and some other pets we’ve had.   

I’ve had some fun, a few tears and I found some pictures I thought I lost.  

So here is something I haven’t posted before.   This is a picture of me and my wife from 2001. Sure wish I knew what we were looking at.

S and J

5 thoughts on “Moving Pictures”

  1. Judging by the expression on your faces it must have been quite interesting. Isn’t it fun to stroll down memory lane, emotional at times, but fun.

  2. WOW – Emily sure is a spitting image of Sarah. If I didn’t know better, I would guess it is Emily in the picture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. There are a few pictures that people thought that. While I always saw the similarities, I didn’t see the confusion that others did. But then I had years of experience reading the little differences.

  4. No, I don’t think my girls would know, I’m almost certain my father-in-law was holding the camera. Unless he has other pictures showing the rest of the house, I’m almost certain I will never know.

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