One… Two… Three aaand One… Two… Three


Tonight’s rehearsal was full of fun.  We had a visitor from an area newspaper who may also be of help in the costuming area.  She was there to discuss the show individually when we were not needed in a scene.  “John Truitt” and I happened to be available at the same time (it was not the scene in which we are part of).  As I introduced myself to the interviewer, “John” said “I know who you are.  You look just like your brother.”  Apparently, the young man is a self-acclaimed nuisance to my oldest brother at school by dropping in on him quite frequently with computer problems.  Knowing my brother quite well, I doubt if he sees the teenager as a nuisance.

Part of the fun was watching people attempt to waltz as well as trying to dance myself.  Then, the real challenge came: waltzing and talking at the same time.  At least I only have one line to remember while I dance.  Hopefully, waltzing will come back to me on Sunday when the choreographer joins us.

I also found a lot of other humorous possibilities as well as some very quick costume changes… how fun THOSE will be.

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