Hamburgers and Root Beer


Years ago it was always a family treat to stop at the A&W to get root beer in a frosty mug. I remember as a kid getting the little ‘baby’ mug. I never thought it held enough root beer.

Slowly those stands started to close and were fewer and farther between. When I was in College, I only knew of two such stands in the ‘local’ area. One was in Delta Ohio and the other in Antwerp Ohio. The Delta Ohio A&W closed many years ago.

With my wife and children, we would sometimes make a slight detour on trips to Fort Wayne and stop at the Antwerp A&W. The children got the mini ‘baby’ mugs until they got a bit older. Always a good time and always good root beer.

In the past few years A&Ws have been making a bit of a comeback in NW Ohio. I know of two restaurants that are a combined A&W and KFC. Interesting letter combination. 😉 These aren’t the old drive ups, but the root beer is still as good. The charm of the place is somehow missing.

Now in a local town there is a Sonic drive-up. They have car-hops on roller skates and a fun atmosphere. But there are no frosty mugs. I will say some of the drinks there are very good.

Today, on the way back from Fort Wayne, my youngest and I stopped at that A&W stand in Antwerp. It is still in business, and still serving Root Beer in the Frosty Glass Mugs. Many wonderful memories flowed. The root beer is still good.


6 thoughts on “Hamburgers and Root Beer”

  1. The fam and I always make it a point to got to the Antwerp stand a couple times each summer… seasonal spot. Yes, it is quite fun. Been doing that for years. The chili for the hot dogs there is much better than the chili at the combo locals.

  2. Will have to try it.
    There is also a drive-in root beer stand in Coldwater, Michigan. Their slushes are great, good Chicago-style hot dogs too. I can’t remember how their rootbeer compares to A & W – will have to re-evaluate some time.

  3. I remember the one in Antwerp- we went there alot during a play we were doing there at the school- I am glad it is still open.

    Of course , I worked at Brownies here in town that was known for the Frostys and 55 cent double burgers.

    Hudson used to have the Tigers drive-in that I used to take the kids to when we went there to get plants.

    There is nothing like a frosty mug on a hot summer day. A&W, Hires and Mason were always my favorite root beers.

  4. I forgot about Hudson, that was an A&W in the 70’s. I remember going up later looking for the A&W and it was a Tiger’s drive-in. 🙁

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