Tale Of Tartar


I did not go to Walmart yesterday, but I still have enough of a complaint to sit and write a blog post about the place!  In case you’ve missed my other (many) Walmart rants, I’ll save you the search and link to a few of the various episodes depicting the times they wronged me.  Like this time.  And this time.  And this time, to name a few…

So anyway, back to last night – I needed tartar sauce for dinner and didn’t realize it until after the kids got home from school, so I ran out (for what I thought was going to be) really quick to get some.  I went to Walgreens first, but they don’t carry tartar sauce, so I went across town to Dollar General, and they don’t carry tartar sauce either.  Is this a side effect of living in a small town – it’s hard to find the things I need last minute if needed?  If so, I will gladly take it in exchange for the traffic, air pollution, and the general stress that exudes from larger cities (see hubby’s blog post about a recent news article about the most stressed cities – ew).  But most likely the apparent lack of tartar sauce in rural NW Ohio is due to scenario #2 – ever since we got a Super Walmart a few years ago, the competitors have phased out certain grocery non-necessities like tartar sauce.  Why should they carry old crusty tartar sauce when no one buys it there because everyone shops at Walmart?  I begrudgingly include myself in that category – you can read those previous posts of mine if you really want to know more about my Walmart paradox and why I shop there.  (At least my kids were never slapped by strangers, and I haven’t shown up here – yet.)

If you’re still with me – I’ve linked all over the internet in this post, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve lost some people –  I’m going to blame Walmart for my lack-of-tartar-sauce problem.  And in case you’re wondering how it all turned out, it really wasn’t a problem after all.  We just convinced the kids to try ranch dressing instead of the tartar sauce, and they actually liked it – well, until the ranch dressing came out too fast and spilled and incited a tantrum that caused a chain reaction that ruined dinner, but that’s another post!  And before my comment board lights up with healthy eating advice, I’m already aware that the kids really shouldn’t grow up so sauce-dependent.  But in these parts where the kids outnumber the adults, you must adapt to survive, and “pick your battles” is essential parenting advice!

8 thoughts on “Tale Of Tartar”

  1. Hmmm, kids on the sauce. Now that would be a blog. 😉 In our house it was ketchup or no sauce. Silly kids didn’t even like my homemade BBQ sauce.

  2. Have you ever tried making your own? You mix mayo and sweet rellish and half. That’s how we made it at Brownie’s. I think they carry those two at DG.
    I know how it is when you are out of something but using ranch was a great idea.

  3. Carol – good idea, maybe I should try that sometime. And JustJ – what could be something we could serve at game night that would require accompaniment from the famous homemade BBQ sauce?

  4. taylhis — famous is my mother’s BBQ sauce. 😉 I make an imitation of that sauce or one of my own. Never the same, but I always like it.

  5. I didn’t know you could buy a jar of tartar sauce…..I thought it was something you made….like Carol said, relish and mayo. Huh, the things you learn…. 😉

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