Now that I have one….


Can I do anything else with a double-boiler?

The short answer was yes. You can cook anything that needs low even heat. Most of the time this is chocolate for candies. You can also make many sauces and fondues. There are many recipes on the web just for double boiler cooking In fact the double boiler was one way to reheat leftovers before the microwave.
But can it be used to make a main dinner dish.

For that I needed to do a more in depth search. I’ve never used it for more than melting chocolate and making custards. Never a main course.

I did a lot of searching and found many sauces for main dishes. I also found that a double boiler was used to reheat the dish as a part of the dish. I even found a recipe for scrambled eggs. While I do like eggs for dinner every now and then, I didn’t consider that a main course.

Then I found one. I’ve never had it before and will try it shortly. So lets try to make Welsh Rarebit. Yes, the double boiler is used to make the sauce, but since the sauce is the main ingredient in this dish, I think it fits my needs. The only thing that isn’t cooked in the double boiler is the toast. There is even a variation that uses poached eggs with the sauce and toast. Those could be cooked in the lower portion of the boiler after the sauce is ready. Double use from a double boiler. I like that.

From that I could also make Eggs Benedict. Toasted English muffin, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, but I have to cook the Canadian bacon.. Hmm not quite a full meal with a double boiler, but close.

4 thoughts on “Now that I have one….”

  1. Why can’t Eggs Benedict be a full meal? Serve it with some fruit… though fruit doesn’t come from the double boiler…
    We will volunteer to be hollandaise sauce testers, although we are harsh critics 😉

  2. taylhis, I would need an extra pan to cook the Canadian bacon. I’m into one pan cooking, as future posts may indicate. 😉

    If I get a hollandaise sauce that I like, you will be my first taste testers.

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