From The Twisted Mind Of A Thirteen Year Old

Tonight, my nephew/godson and his two siblings came into the store before Wednesday night CCD.  I thought… uh-oh what is this terrible trio up to.  Joshua (in his infinite wisdom) chose to ask me in his own special way if I would consider being his sponsor for Confirmation… “since no one else seems to be able to.”  I tried really hard not to laugh at the presentation but I could not resist firing back at the way it was presented.  What an honor to be asked when so many others turned it down.  How many others were asked I do not know.  After they left, I decided to think that he failed in his attempt to say that there was no one else he would rather have do it.  Hey… this is my blog so if I want to sugar coat some things, it’s my prerogative.

I remember when I chose the person I wanted to stand with me as I made the decision to accept my Christian faith that my parents and godparents made for me when I was baptized.  It also happened to be my godfather.  I also remember hearing stories about the bishop slapping each candidate on the face as they were being confirmed.  This practice must have stopped some time before I received the sacrament.

Ok, I will say that it will be an honor to be a part of Joshua’s Confirmation day.

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  1. 😉 Mom told me a bit ago that he called last night before he came up. Just got tongue tied. Said the “he chose me” to stand up with him. Hey, get to go to the cathedral in Toledo in March, so that’s neat, too!

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