Uh Oh, Snow!


There is a kink I did not foresee in my housebreaking-the-new-puppy plan – snow.  We are currently getting nailed by a snowstorm – about 4 inches on the ground and much more expected.  The snow engulfs our poor little shivering puppy, and I’ve had to shovel first every time before I take him out.  It’s quite challenging to find the time to go out and shovel and take the dog out, all while taking care of 4 kids – changing diapers, feeding lunch, breaking up fights, helping them do homework and Valentines…  But today school was canceled,  and this time it’s actually been more of a good thing than a bad thing.  The new puppy and the Valentine’s projects are helping to ward off cabin fever, plus the older girls are helping to walk the puppy.  Adding some fun to the snow storm is that my husband and I started watching Storm of the Century last night; which is an excellent scary movie that we watch every year during heavy snows.  I’m looking forward to watching the second part of the movie tonight, but only if I make it through the dinner rush.  My husband gets home from work around 5, and the kids are always starving by then,  but it’s nearly impossible to start dinner before he gets home with my 18-month-old underfoot.  Complicating today’s dinner rush is the fact that my husband will have to finish the shoveling when he gets home, and I also have to send him on an errand – stupid me didn’t stock up on certain essentials before the storm hit.  Most of the region is experiencing the same weather, so stay warm, stay dry, and most importantly – stay safe!!

9 thoughts on “Uh Oh, Snow!”

  1. I must borrow this Storm of the Century movie soon (if it is one I can actually borrow?). I thought the weather would be a blessing in disguise with four little ones to help out with the puppy training. But when was the last time we actually had a “blizzard?” I remember the county being totally shut off way back in 1978. But a good 8″-10″ is a nice storm to keep most people in.

  2. They WERE a help today; it was a good day. The problem is, the puppy gets really cold really easily and starts shivering as soon as I pick him up to go outside 🙁
    How do you housebreak a puppy in the winter?!?
    Yes, you can borrow Storm of the Century next time I see you!

  3. I really have to read your blog more closely- I must have missed something:

    “My husband gets home from work around 5”

    C no longer works from home? I know you blogged about the computer meltdown before- this forced him to get a job outside the home I take it? What does he do?

    Snow: over here we’re only expected to have 6 inches or so when it’s all over.

  4. He works from home, but he works in his office, which is off limits to everyone while he’s working. It’s just easier for everyone if we pretend he’s not home 🙂
    We are expected to have 8-12″ when it’s all over, then it’s supposed to blow around like crazy tomorrow, creating 2-3 foot drifts. I would bet on having the second snow day in a row tomorrow. Usually we are located in the little pocket that gets less than everyone else, but this time is an exception.

  5. @derek, I was going to ask the same thing. Last I knew he was still working from home. I didn’t know he had an office.

  6. office = landing on the stairs, but it’s still an office, and it’s still off-limits during work hours. My job would be much easier, as would Chris’ I’m sure, if there was an actual office with a door, but…

  7. @justj – It is very difficult to ignore someone I love! But, it’s important for the family, and it’s gotten easier after years of practice. I try to keep the kids downstairs during the day. As difficult as it is, I am still very happy to have him at home. It’s especially nice to not have to worry about waking a napping kid if I have to take another one to school.

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