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I think I will try something new and make an occasional post featuring some of the music I listen to.  This will mostly feature Christian artists as it is pretty much what I listen to these days, though who knows?  I might post something retro to my life.  Of course what I post depends on what youtube has to offer- current music seems to be abundant, but older stuff, and probably certain genres, can be hard to come by.  All videos have been posted by other people and may be pulled by youtube at any time.

I think I will start with a Christian artist that has stood out to me in contemporary Christian music: Chris Tomlin.

I probably should put an Amazon link here to appease any industry readers in case you would like to purchase some of this fine music 😀 : Chris Tomlin

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  1. Of course you know that youtube is going to start having problems as soon as I post some youtube videos… Hopefully it will be cleared up by the time you read this.

  2. I like to hear about what music other people like to listen to, I think it gives good insight to that person.

  3. The first one had embedding disabled by request, but I was able to listen to it directly on youtube. I always love that song, though I prefer when women sing it. Chris Tomlin kind of sounds like our worship band leader. Haven’t heard the 2nd or 4th ones much, they were ok. I liked the 3rd one a lot; it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
    Some of my favorites (and I don’t know who sings them since I hear / sing them at church) are: Happy Day, My God is Mighty to Save (not sure if that’s what it’s called?)… can’t remember any others right now; wish I could!

  4. Urgh- thanks for letting me know. Something I should check in the future. I changed the video- same song though.
    Happy Day (not to be confused with THIS)- quite up-tempo. I like it too: Happy Day- Tim Hughes
    Mighty to Save- we sang this for the first time at one of our special Easter services a few years ago: Hillsong-Mighty to Save
    Come to think of it, Happy Day is an almost standard Easter song for us too. Anyway, perhaps other songs you sing will show up here in the future. There are of course many more Chris Tomlin songs on youtube- just go there and do a search. 🙂

  5. How Great Is Our God is another good one:

    There is this woman in our worship band with an AMAZING voice… She sang “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” on Christmas Eve, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the song she usually sings and does such a great job on… it will come to me, if not, it will the next time she performs it.

  6. O Holy Night maybe? That was a Christmas standard at my Mom’s church anyway.
    Yes, “How Great is Our God” is a good one. He does a live version that inserts a part of “How Great Thou Art” into it.

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