Hasn’t Their 15 Minutes Expired Yet?


Or maybe that is what these so called “reality shows” are all about. I don’t watch but I do like to see the list of celebrities (most of whom I wish would just go away) who are willing to put their “talent” on display for better or worse.. probably the latter.  The talented celebrities for the upcoming cast of Dancing with the Stars defies my sense of logic:

  • Pamela Anderson (will we never learn… Boobwatch was over like 20 years ago, right?  We won’t go into the Tommy Lee years.)
  • Nicole Scherzinger (best known as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls… not to be confused with Josie and the Pussycats)
  • Kate Gosselin (spent too much time talking about her already.  Doesn’t she have 8 kids to raise as a single mother?)
  • Chad Ochocinco (the obligatory football figure WR for the Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Shannen Doherty (WOW… is there anyone on the list who is actually noteworthy?)
  • Evan Lysacek (just won the gold for figure skating… wonder if he’ll be as graceful without the ice)
  • Erin Andrews (from the sports sidelines as a reporter to the dance floor)
  • Aiden Turner (some soap star from All My Dingbats, I believe)
  • Niecy Nash (“Reno 911?”  Nope… never seen it either)
  • AND FINALLY…. MY PICK FOR THE SYMPATHY VOTE GARNERED BY CLORIS LEACHMAN A FEW YEARS AGO…. Buzz Aldrin?!.  That is just weird.  John Glenn next year?

I dunno… I wonder who Rod Blagojevich will fare on the new Celebrity Apprentice.

  • In an unprecedented move, a new contestant was named that I did not learn of until this morning, the new Bachelor whatever his name is.  For crying out loud!  No wonder I don’t watch.

3 thoughts on “Hasn’t Their 15 Minutes Expired Yet?”

  1. OH! I so wanted to watch the Celebrity Apprentice with Blago! That guy is such a piece of work! When is that on, soon, maybe tonight? I’d better check. And Kate Gosselin… I used to watch a few eps of that show back when they were a family. I was just curious about having so many kids all very young. I’ll never forget the episode where they all had the flu. Poor Kate was crumpled in a ball on the easy chair with all the little ones climbing all over her because they were feeling better. Before that, she had to make them sleep in the laundry room since there was so much, er, mess. Can’t imagine having 8 kids with the flu, and then getting it myself. As much as I think she is addicted to fame and sometimes puts it above her family, surviving that flu business doesn’t totally take away my respect.
    I don’t know why they have all these obscure celebs for DWTS. I’ve never watched it, but I’ve heard that celebs line up to beg to be on it… and I’ve always thought that anyone with any dance backround has an advantage; ice skating included. I haven’t heard of half those people. And kudos for not mentioning the real reason why Erin Andrews is famous – I hadn’t heard of her until ‘the incident’.
    Buzz Aldrin? I don’t even know what to say… maybe I’d watch 3 minutes of an episode where he is dancing. Maybe he’s on the show for people like me.

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