To Life, To Life, L’Chaim


Well… week one back at work following my rather eventful stay at the doc shop is over.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted.  HOWEVER,  I am noticing a bit of improvement.  Almost non-existant is the discomfort in my upper leg where part of the clot is/was.  Now, I have to contend with the same in my lower leg.  Once again, I HAVE to thank you all for your warm thoughts and most importantly your prayers.  If not for you my friends, family (those I was born into and those I feel just as close to), and lurkers, I feel that I might not be here posting this latest entry… but we won’t dwell on that TOO much.

Perhaps it is the fact that I have never felt so… I dunno what the right word is… IMAGINE THAT! but it seems that it has been months instead of weeks since I was at the hospital.  But I continue to make a list of things I WILL do once I am walking at my normal pace: Taking my 2-3 mile walk every three days; Walking the 2 blocks to work instead of driving (Who says I was inactive before my clot formed?); Seeing my friends I have not seen since January and those who visited… or were in… the hospital; Auditioning for two summer shows and seeing which I fit better.  And finally and most important to me, realizing the great turning point I have reached following such a life altering… or is it affirming… event in my life.  I will let you know what that great adventure is as soon as I set out on it.

Another thing I really miss is my weekly voice lesson.  So many great things were happening there and as soon as I REALLY get back on my feet, they will continue!  There my even be some additions to my repetoire (aside from the myriad classic stage and screen songs) which I have been encouraged to take on not only from a great friend but also by my coach as well.

But FIRST,  I must continue to pray and strive to improve even more every day.  Thank you all once again.  I guess I can look back on these posts and thank Him for everything.

I know this is my blog to post what I will, but I hope that these latest entries are perhaps a tiny bit as meaningful to the reader as are to me to roll out and reflect on.

AND GOOOOOOOO BUCKEYES AND BULLDOGS! Ohio State just won the Big 10 Tournament and continues in March Madness.  And my high school alma mater basketball team is two games away from going to the state championships.

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  1. Glad to hea-, er, read of your continued improvement. Walks are something I should be doing as well. Fortunately I do move on the job a lot, particularly on the larger lots.

    Keep those goals in mind- I await further updates on these! 🙂

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