Jack Hanna, David Cassidy, Goats, Camels, And Live TV


I saw a link to this on Facebook, and it’s hilarious – gave me my smile for the day!  Watch chaos erupt on live TV in the 70s when Jack Hanna brings a gaggle of goats into the tv studio, and they run amok.  The host, Bob Braun, has a great sense of humor about all of it, although the same can’t be said for all of the audience members, especially those who end up with rogue goats in their laps!  David Cassidy even has a hand rounding up the herd, and by the time the camel puts in his two cents, the host is practically rolling on the floor with laughter!

2 thoughts on “Jack Hanna, David Cassidy, Goats, Camels, And Live TV”

  1. I’m sure that the lady in the red suit was really thrilled with the old goat. 😀 Hilarious on so many levels! 70s live tv… love it! Liked how the host tried to keep things flowing by giving a plug to David’s concert. Imagine this happening in a Letterman audience 😀

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