In His Hands


The next few weeks will not be easy ones.  This morning, we learned that my “Aunt” Lu’s (my Uncle Bob’s current wife) mother passed away last night.  A very long-lived lady… sweet as anything who lived a very prosperous life (91 years young with 12 kids, I think).  She was a huge fan of the WCCT and she would come to shows quite often either with Lu or Father Fred.  I remember that following Grease, she and Lu came to the basement to say Hi.  She was also the Grandmother of one of my best friends.

Yesterday, we learned that Aunt Carol (Bob’s first wife) is nearing the end of her long fought battle with cancer.  Definitely will be very hard this one.  Care givers were at her house with my cousins and the rest of her family to prepare them (as much as can be expected anyway.. can anyone really be prepared?)  I’m not really sure how long she has been fighting, but it has been a great while in and out of remission until finally there is no more that can be done except to pray for Carol.  So many great memories growing up, spending the night with my cousin until it was deemed inappropriate for Alicia and I to stay over at each others house (I think I was 8).  At get togethers, we would always devise a plot whereby we would con the parents into allowing this.  Very few people refer to me as “James” but I got so used to it that I expected Carol to address me as such.  I remember a Christmas gift she gave me a few years back in a large envelope with “For Your Eyes Only” printed on the front.  You will have to use your imagination to determine what was inside and it had nothing to do with the 12th 007 movie 😉

So… could be a rough few days ahead.  Not the most opportune time of the year but I don’t think there really is an appropriate time.  But at least their suffering soon will be ended and will soon be in a much better place.

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