Family brawl erupts at children’s pizza place
Deborah Donovan | Daily Herald Staff
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Arlington Heights police are investigating a “family ordeal that got out of hand” Sunday night at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, 955 W. Dundee Road.

According to Sgt. Tom Boggs, a family was apparently celebrating the birthday of a young man in his early teens when other members of the family showed up, and an argument began.

“There was a pushing match and things were thrown,” said Boggs.

One person was taken to Northwest Community Hospital with a cut below an eye and another person went to a clinic for a cut on a hand.

“We tried to talk to everybody there last night,” Boggs said. “It’s hard to say at this point whether there will be charges.”

Boggs said he believes some of the participants had been drinking. He is not sure how many people were involved, but officers talked with five or six Sunday night.

While the altercation created a mess in the restaurant, no physical damage was done there, the sergeant said.

Boggs said the people involved were from the Northwest suburbs.

The restaurant has pizza, arcade games, shows and other things that appeal to young children.  A woman who answered the phone Monday afternoon declined to comment on the record.

4 thoughts on “Classy.”

  1. Probably a good opinion to have because of the apparent clientele they attract and the employees they hire. I left the part out of the blog about an acquaintance who was a former employee of Chuck E. Cheese and decided to go back and rob it after he was fired. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. I read about this. I am just curious why a teenager would want to celebrate a birthday at CEC anyway? At least this isn’t as bad as other recent news, such as a dad killing his entire family in Addison.

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