Raindrops On Ceilings And Wrinkles On Grandpa


Amidst the pounding rain on the ceiling of the Huber, the cast gave another fine performance of Meet Me in St. Louis.  This time, I had a larger fan base in attendance.  Family and very great friends (two of which I had no idea were coming) were there.  Backstage, some cast members were curious whether the weather would play havoc on the sound, but from audience reaction, it must not have.  A funny thing happened during the entre’acte (big French work…the music played prior to the opening of Act 2), the keyboard seemed to be accompanied by a back beat or a metronome, but it was a very curious sound.

Following the performance, I was greeted by most of my fan base.  I saw my niece and nephew who came with their mother.  Then Sharon congratulated me (I DID NOT KNOW THAT SHE AND AL WERE COMING!!! WHAT A SURPRISE)  Chris and Lisa were all proud as always.  C even commented on my dancing ability.  I dunno… I must just make it LOOK good, right?!

Before the show started, one of the Village Players asked if I had been fully stolen from the WCCT. I told her “Not on your life.”  I told her that I am planning on trying out for WCCT’s production of Little Shop of Horrors in October (but never say never about trying out for future shows… I love the Huber stage!!!). “Katie” was very interested in trying out for it, as well.  “Lon” also voiced an interest in auditioning as well.  So, it seems that we might actually have more some more theatre crossing going on which can only mean good things for everyone.  Chris even voiced an interest in auditioning for shows with the Village Players (hopefully, his busy schedule will allow that to happen).

It seems that I need to have a class in theatre etiquette for some of the other members of my group.  I totally understand that the hour was late and we have the time change tonight so I will forgive this once, but remember IF YOU REALLY ENJOY A PERFORMANCE,  the thing to do is to congratulate those in the cast before walking out the door.  Otherwise, the cast member(s) who thought you were supposed to be in the audience might think you did not come at all.  But thanks all the same for coming and feel free to comment on the performance.  😀

7 thoughts on “Raindrops On Ceilings And Wrinkles On Grandpa”

  1. I hope that my course in theatre etiquette was not TOO harsh. It’s just that as an actor, I do appreciate the accolades… I THRIVE ON THEM whether they be from those I love or complete strangers. They make us feel good although just being on stage is indescribable.

  2. I don’t think the theater etiquette course was too tough. It should be understood that your not seeing them might have also caused you to worry – you know they were supposed to be there, then with the distance traveled and the weather, you don’t want to have to worry that something happened that kept them from coming. Also, it might be fun for other castmates to know and see that you contributed to the audience count. Thanks for a wonderful evening! Don’t let us forget to reimburse you for the tkts!

  3. On the topic of little shop, I would not mind actually getting to perform the role of Seymour one day. However, a few things stand in the way of that pipe dream: age, my actor type (character, not lead), and living in the Chicago area where actors in all types of theatre- community included- are generally a dime a dozen. I did get a break a couple years ago though with the role of Fagin in Oliver!, but then he is a character role.

    To try out for your show however, they would need to develop instantaneous (or nearly) transport first since I live a four-hour drive away… 🙁

  4. I will work on that transporter so you can use a flip phone communicator and say “One to beam over.”

  5. Carla and I thought the show was great. We really wished you could have worn a few more strange hats. Loved them. Both of us thought the theatre was impressive. Sorry for the poor etiquette. We looked around on the way out but did not see Grandpa. Carla was fighting a cold and really did well to contain her coughing as well as she did for the evening. Pathetic as it may sound, that was really late a late night for us. Hope to see you in another production sometime. We will attempt to be more polite.

  6. Quite all right drmaxwell. I really loved the theatre. MOST of the hats I picked out myself. Look for my final post on the subject. Hope Carla gets over her cold. Thanks for coming.

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