New Venue… Same Drama


The other night before rehearsal really got started (before it was supposed to begin), I got a chance to become further acquainted with some of the people involved in the up-coming production of Meet Me in St. Louis.  While the theatre and people involved may be different, one thing remains the same: the drama involved in operating a community theatre.  The director for the musical described how she became the board’s president after the previous head stepped down.  She then made it known that she is the thorn in many a side.  If I had not known better, I would say WCCT had changed faces and buildings.  Then, “Lon” passed around invitations to an up-coming membership drive (“No thank you, one is enough for now… thanks” 🙂 ).

We also discussed more on things that would be needed for Grandpa; particularly, the necessity of having multiple versions of the same item.  A different one for each scene he is in (which is quite a few).  How’s that for cryptic?  But for being the first week of rehearsals, I think it is going well… of course, we have yet to add an orchestra.  I suggested that we do as a few Broadway shows have done recently, have the actors on stage play.  I believe that recent productions of Company and Sweeney Todd have each had principal players playing instruments.  I can see Grandpa Prophater blowing away on a tuba on stage when not singing.

8 thoughts on “New Venue… Same Drama”

  1. So it was like the Seinfeld episode about ‘Bizarro World’? There are characters that resemble the main characters – it’s funny. Also Russ/Ross in Friends…

  2. OOPS… I goofed. Bizarro him like Superman and Seinfeld. OH, Boy… I’m confusing myself. Yes, I think that would be correct. Bizarro like Superman and Seinfeld. Anyone care to help on that one?

  3. Speaking of Superman, I just saw the Richard Donner cut of Superman II. Interesting. Since I haven’t seen the release version for many years I can’t compare the two though.

  4. Yes, The Donner cut is interesting. I still don’t like the cop out ending… having Supes reverse time, making Lois forget of course I don’t think the Super kiss scenario worked either.

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