It’s Time To Sing The Music Of The Night


The local community theatre has added a new weekend series of entertainment to its offerings.  The first month of shows has showcased “Broadway Through the Years” and has highlighted talented singers from the area… some familiar faces from past shows and some newbies.  This weekend was the first show I have been able to attend and was actually quite impressed.  A dear friend sang “Tell Me It’s Not True” from Blood Brothers. I really love the music from this show and the story; hopefully, one day I will be able to be part of a production.

I must say that a new young lady who has apparently conveyed an interest in auditioning for future productions showed an immense display of talent.  Performing DIFFICULT selections from Ragtime, Songs for a New World, and Parade, I began to wonder where this young lady has been hiding.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the talent of the young women who have organized the series of concerts.  The two were highlighted in pieces of their own.  My favorite was a duet from Assassins.  “Unworthy of Your Love” is a beautiful ballad sung by John Hinckley and Squeaky Fromme in the musical.  They are both singing to the objects of their affection; Hinckley to Jodie Foster and Fromme to Charles Manson.  Yet another musical I know about, see clips of via youtube, love everything about it… but will it ever be staged by this area.   Most likely not no matter the number of people who suggest it.

Finally, rounding out the evening was the delightfully entertaining emcee for the evening. Very quiick with a quip and able to improvise while performers were searching for music.  A good way to “get butts in the seats” for the upcoming production of Over the Tavern.

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