Wow, what a show


Now that it is over, I can say that this is one of my new favorite shows. There are two others that stand out in this same fashion, but this show is one of the best.

If I were to pick shows, this would not have been one I picked, but then one of my other favorites would not have been on my list of plays to do. So my list of favorite shows stands at this

1) Harvey. Big white rabbit and all. I was honored to play the part of Elwood Dowd in that show. My first lead ever, and in my favorite show ever. It was also special to me because I had a special guest star in that show. While everyone else was talking to a white rabbit, I was talking with my dear departed wife. She was on stage with me, in spirit, every night. I had a wallet that I took out of my pocket every night to pay the cab driver. In that wallet I carried my wife’s drivers license and some business cards she made for her chinchilla raising.

2) Arsenic and Old Lace. My first show at WCCT. I also enjoyed this show and would love to do it again. We had a wonderful cast for this show and it was a great first experience with the playhouse.

3) Death of a Salesman. Every performance the audience would shed tears. This was a show for the ages until…

4) The Lion in Winter. Yes, a story of the very disfunctional family of Henry the II of England. A very good cast and a strong play. Actors and audience had an experience with this show, and on every performance the show got better.

What made the Lion in Winter such a good show? Hard work, dedication, good script, good direction, good cast, wonderful crew. Yes this show had all of that and more. We had such fun. Teasing back stage, fun on stage. It was a fun time before, during and after the shows. I’m glad we had the audience we did, but there were so many others that missed a very fine performance. These shows do not come everyday, and I am sorry for all that missed this show.

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  1. I am too. At least it did not turn out to be Scapin 2. I really wish I had been around to see you as Dowd. But the hard work and dedication the entire cast put into Lion was seen through each cast members performance, the set design, the music… EVERYTHING was well planned and executed. This show will definitely be remember for years to come.

  2. Mary Schaufelberger

    When I go to see a show, I’m usually more interested in musicals, but I was impressed by Lion in Winter. Your King & Queen had a wonderful chemistry and “you boys” were great in portraying your parts! I was scared it was going to be dry, but it had just enough comedy in it to make it very entertaining. Well Done!!!!
    I have my favorite shows also…all of them having a different meaning behind them. That’s why I keep coming back, hoping to find another one to add to my favorites!
    I agree, too bad you didn’t have a better turnout. Our group has the same problem with shows sometimes. I directed “The Boys Next Door” last spring and it really was a spectacular show and I had an awesome cast but due to everything else going on in the community and probably just not good enough publicity on my part, we didn’t have NEARLY the crowd we should have.
    Again, Bravo to your entire cast!

  3. You mean Idol Night (hehe) or The Clinic or any shows with Taylhis and Co. involved didn’t make the list? 🙁

  4. taylhis, The Taylhis and Co. shows will always be special, but they don’t quite come up to the same level. sorry. My favorite of those was the Magic show, followed closely by the Clinic. I don’t remember that Idol night show you speak of.

    Rel. Speak. Yep, you missed a good show. Talk to your sisters. Two of them were there.

  5. Excuse please.. You a no remember Idol Show? WHO A FORGET IDOL SHOW. I A THOUGHT THERE WERE A TWO IDOL SHOWS and John Number One was in a both. Morat will a no say what he think and Morat a think you know what he think. Two words and they a start a with W. S. !!!

  6. Great job John! Some said this is your best yet… and you were great! However, sorry, but I still think you’re best performance yet was as Dowd. You were very good in this… But you WERE Dowd.

  7. It was the best performance I have SEEN John give. That being said, I have only hear good things about Dowd.

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