Voices in the air


I’m sitting downstairs at the theater while tryouts are going on for “Little Women”. My youngest is one of the singers/actors trying out. I’m sitting down here to get out of the way, and to make sure they don’t ask me to try out. I don’t sing, I don’t dance, don’t ask. But as I sit here we have some very lovely voices filling the air. I’m not sure who is who, but I think I heard my daughter once or twice. Me, I would hate trying to determine who would be in the show. For a small little theater in rural Ohio, we have a lot of very talented people. I’m sure the director will have a tough time of it, but in the end this will make a better show.

Fun stuff theater. I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of it. I do stay away from musicals, except to run lights or back stage stuff. I’ve had lots of fun with all of it. This is sometimes my second home. So check out the dates of the show and come on by.

5 thoughts on “Voices in the air”

  1. AWW…. surely there must be a part with no singing. I heard tell there were 10 people who auditioned Friday night.

  2. Derek, there were 3 nights of Auditions, I didn’t see Jamiahsh on the first night, but there were about 10-12 on the first night. Not to be to hard on Jamiahsh, but I think most of the people trying out, that had the right “parts” got a part in the show. Men are almost always in short supply at the theater. I’m surprised that we actually found 13 men for the show “12 Angry Men”. I don’t think there have been that many men on the stage at one time since.

  3. I went saturday night…. and got a call back Sunday morning. You are quite correct ….they had an overabundance of “Little Women” audition and just the amount of male auditioners to fill the cast.

  4. I wasn’t trying to be hard on him. If you took it the wrong way Jamy, then I apologize. I thought the smiley would show it as a “fun” rather than serious reply.

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