Trip to Chicago???


I received an email from my college roomate.  It has been 28 years since we graduated from college, and we still try to stay in touch.  He was a religion and history major in school with an avid interest in music, theater and comic books.  I was a Math/Computer major with an interest in girls and role playing games.   How the two of us ever got along is a mystery to me.  I was on stage once and vowed never to do it again.

Today, I’m a computer nerd (yes, I get paid for that), father and theater geek.  He is a minister in Chicago and hasn’t been on stage since College.   I’ve been in many shows since 1997, and I’m involved in another as I write this.  The email from my roommate today was a surprise for me.  He tried out for a local Chicago production of Cinderella.    He got the role of the King.  He always had a wonderful singing voice and good acting skills.   I may just have to make the trip to Chicago to watch it.

Anyone up for a roadtrip?

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  1. I was the Herald in our community theatre’s production of Cinderella… my first role with the group… Loved it! His royal highness Christopher Rupert Windemere Vlademere Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman is giving a ball. I set the tone for the entire show since I had the opening line and song. Who wants to be the boring prince, anyway?

  2. Well, my nephew’s birthday party is on the 2nd – might be able to do it after that if the show is at night. I’ll have to check what time the party is. And depending on how long we’re in town, we could possibly go the 1st or 3rd – but we try not to stay in IL too long when we’re there 🙂
    We should work on planning this; it’d be fun to meet up!

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