Saturday night in Bryan Ohio


I did have a post about Saturday Night in Toledo Ohio a while ago, but tonight I spent my time in Bryan Ohio. First at our theater’s new Weekenders productions. I would recommend these to anyone. It was a fun night. This was my first visit to something that has been going on for a little over a month. It could be comedy, singing or a little acting, but if they are all like tonight, it is a whole lot of fun.

Then a little impromptu visit to a local establishment across from the little theater. Had fun visiting with friends. I’m not one for the bar scene, but we almost had the place to ourselves. Quiet night in Bryan. If it hadn’t been for all the snow, I think the sidewalks would have been rolled up. 😉

For those readers who aren’t regulars of the WCCT, check out the link on this page. A lot of fun things are happening in either Bryan or Montpelier.

Two week count down to opening night for “The Lion in Winter”. I would love to see you there (really).

More Weekenders will be scheduled. More great shows coming up.

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  1. Less then two week countdown to Lion and a nearby theatre’s production of Meet Me in St. Louis. They are only competing on weekend so… it is possible for theatre goers to check out both (unless you are lucky enough to be in Lion). Unfortunately the website for the Huber does not seem to be very well maintained so it would be pointless to provide a link. But, yers the weekenders are enjoyable.

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