Real life on stage


On a spur of the moment decision, I decided to go to the theater today. A show called “Fat Pig” by Neil LaBute. The director of the show was enthusiastic about this show before it was even a sure thing. After watching it I can understand why. If you read this before the show is over this weekend, and you like theater, go See the theater page to get more information. It is rated ‘R’, so leave the kids at home.

The show was vulgar, crude and occasionally ugly. It was also very real. While you may not know a person exactly like any of the four characters, you probably knew at least one.

Talking with people after the show made us think that we were watching people, kind of like intruding in their lives or spying on them. Not at all like watching a show to entertain. It was occasionally very funny. At other times it made you think.

I can’t say I enjoyed the show. I really enjoyed parts of the show, but the show as a whole was not an enjoyable experience. It was a thinking and introspective experience and it has my full recommendation to stop what you are doing to catch the show.

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  1. Derek, I’ll agree that the show wasn’t for everyone, but it was a topical look at how people deal with someone not like themselves. Unfortunately, in life, people are not always on their best behavior when dealing with others. This was written very well and modeled life as it is. Sometimes, this is crude and vulgar AND it was not taken lightly in the show.

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