Lights, Let there be lights


I’m running the light board for our community theater’s up coming performance. It has been a challenge to get the stage lit just right. First when we were setting it up 2 spots were burned out, and we didn’t have any replacement bulbs. Now these aren’t bulbs you can go down to your local hardware store and pick up, no they have to be ordered. I’m not even sure where to order one of them. I’ve never seen its kind before.

Anyway, we are getting it together, but there is still a spot on stage that I can only call cold. It just seems a little darker than the rest of the stage. I’m trying to figure out if a bit of color in that area would help, but I’m not sure at this point. I guess I’ll have to go back early tomorrow and check again. Oh well.

The show went much better tonight. Pace was very good, and the lines were almost there. The songs, well they sounded good to me. I’m no singer, and I’m no judge of singing. I can’t tell a flat from a sharp, a good note from a bad, except when I see the face of the singer cringe. There was no cringing tonight, so it must have been good.

It is absolutely amazing how a show comes together so quickly. The are worked on for weeks, and that final week of rehearsals you can really see the shows start to jell. A lot more fun watching from the outside. I know from experience, it isn’t as much fun for the actors, until everything falls into place.

Here’s to more place falling tomorrow.

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  1. I thought it went better last night as well. Maybe b/c I sat in the green room and really listened while waiting for my scenes or for when I was needed for other things. But I agree, body language does tend to call attention to mistakes (singing or otherwise).

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