Late night theatrics


I was privileged to work the light booth for another wonderful show.  The time is drawing near when the last curtain will be dropped.  In most cases, this is a mixture of joy and sorrow.  Happy that the show is finally over, but sadness of a cast breaking up.

It is our custom in this theater for some sort of gifts to be exchanged during the run of the show.  Gifts from cast to director and/or director to cast.  This show was no exception, except for the type of gift.  Most gifts tend to be ‘gag’ gifts or little reminders of the show.  This plays gift from the director was a CD full of pictures taken during a dress rehearsal.  So we get to see the costumes and actions on the set.  The other gift was a well framed cast/crew picture.  It is a treasure.

As the light booth guy, I’m preparing my gift for the cast.  A little something I hope everyone will like.  As there is a cast member or two that read this blog, I can’t give too much information.  It’s just a little something that can be added to the programs most actors keep.

It has been a good run, and I will miss seeing it every night.  From the guy who has seen the show for a week longer than its run, that is saying something.  From the light booth, I’m generally tired of the show after the opening night.   It is a wonderful show, and some what of a challenge to set the lighting just right.

And next week, I can write about different things, and not pay so much attention to “Little Women”

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  1. One of the most enjoyable times I had working tech fo a show was a play called Something’s Afoot. I got to “kill” a character or two, once by blowing baby powder out of a phone from backstage. I prefer the other side of the set though.

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