It’s good to be the king


But a prince ain’t bad either.  First rehearsal after the read through.  It is interesesting how everyone is getting into their characters.  We have a good cast, and we already developing some very intresting personallities.  Should be a lot of fun.   

I have some verly good lines and good interaction with the other actors.  As with all my acting experiences, I hope to learn something in this stage experience.  With the actors on stage and the directors out in front, I’m sure it will happen again.

Now just a bit of trivia, while the line “It’s good to be the king” is not said exactly in this play, the sentiment is there.  This line was said often in a couple of Mel Brooks’ movies and one of his stage plays.  Extra point for any who can name all three and another movie that used the line.

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  1. I would guess… History of the World I; Robin Hood: Men in Tights; and The Producers (movie and stage versions… if it was Young Frankenstein, shoot me now). I’m afraid I can’t go for the grand slam but tried for the hat trick.

  2. Unless you are trying to fool us and are referring to the sentiment of the up coming play you are in which was a movie?

  3. History of the World, Robin Hood – Men in Tights, The Producers, and also there’s a Mel Brooks biography with the title. And I guess I’ll go with Lion in Winter for the other movie… it’s diffiicult w/o any clues.

  4. Well, that was quick. I did learn that the the correct guesses have been made for the three Brooks movies, but not the additional one. Besides another movie, I saw that it was an episode title for one of my favorite shows- Stargate SG1- and the title of a Mel Brooks biography among other things.

  5. Ok, looks like derek did an internet search…

    Hint on other movie, semi-animated adaptation of the Prince and the Pauper…. sort of…

  6. No more guesses? going once, going twice

    Yes, the Mel Brooks shows are “History of the World – Part 1”, “Robin Hood – Men in Tights” and “The Producers”. The line was added with an additional song in the Broadway production, and obviously added to the remake. It was not in the original movie.

    Second hint on the other movie. It was a sequel and starred the vocal talents of Bill Murray.

  7. jamiahsh — So close Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties….

    Not really much to say on either of the Garfield films. I didn’t enjoy either one. I just remember hearing Garfield say one of my favorite movie quotes.

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