I found it…


But then again, I knew I would. I started to look for a version of “The Hound of the Baskervilles” after watching a very poor version from 1959. As such things go, I found more than what I set out to find. A complete set of Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes stories from the BBC. I remember watching these with great fascination when they were shown on PBS many years ago. In the short time I’ve watched again, I still think that Mr. Brett gave one of the best performances of the great detective. Great fun this.

I normally do not watch programs of plays I am in. I tend to want to give my own performance as a character, instead of bringing what another actor did at an earlier time. In this case, the character in the play is a bit different than those of the movies.

Movies in their magic, can go more places than we can go on stage. That allows characters to be developed more fully. It is a wonderful thing that we do on stage to bring our characters to life. And I look forward to doing it one more time. Back on stage with one of my favorite characters.

Should be fun…

7 thoughts on “I found it…”

  1. I have watched a few of the Brett Holmes shows on PBS from time to time. I love a good mystery. The Hammer version didn’t do much more me, either.

  2. I’m not sure I saw any version of this film. Maybe a long time ago. I did watch several episodes of a Sherlock Holmes TV series a couple years ago though.

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