Electrical gremlins


I think that I shouldn’t be in the light booth for this show Electrical gremlins have been following me. It started a couple months ago when two computers had some problems. One was just falling short on the power and would cause all sorts of strange errors when I started heavy processing. The second had problems with the video. I normally can get things going quickly, but it took a little time. Then I had 1/2 of a house circuit go out during a storm. Not the whole circuit with a tripped breaker, just 1/2 of it. Something caused the switch wiring to short.

Now on to the theater. Two bad spotlights were the start of it. Replaced a bulb and one still didn’t work. Strange happenings on one set of lights, they just didn’t want to work. Got that straightened out enough to run through the show, but it is a bit of a hassle. Today was the biggest gremlin. Our monitor system (let’s the booth and backstage hear what is happening) decided to have a lot of massive interference. Then I switched jacks and it would work for a bit, but it mostly gave up the ghost. We were running the lights based on stage locations and actions, not the words. I’m glad I didn’t mess up.

The gremlins stopped doing their electrical havoc, and decided the heavy rains needed to come inside. Yes during the middle of the second act, there were leaks over the audience. I hope for the last three performances, the skies stay clear, and the electrical gremlins stay far away.

4 thoughts on “Electrical gremlins”

  1. funny, i thought the leak added a nice effect to the “Umbrella” song… even if was at the audience’s expense. 😀

  2. There are those who say our loved ones who have passed on communicate to us via electricty. I’ve had a bunch of odd electrical happenings.

    You never know…Sarah could be saying hi!

  3. No electrical gremlins at the rehearsal. There was a problem with air-conditioner condensation dripping from the ceiling again…. Hmmm the theater is getting old.

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