Apparently I was missed….


It seems that taking a few days off from this blog caused a bit of concern from a couple of friends. I know I hit 50 and it is all downhill from there. 😉

For those who desire to know, I have been spending a bit less time on the computer and working on the lines I need for The Lion in Winter. Last Sunday was the first complete rehearsal without books. I was trying to get all my lines in place before then. I had most of them, but had problems with two scenes. I got through the Sunday rehearsal Ok, so by the start of the show I should be very comfortable. Now that is a bit of a concern for me, because I’ve never been this comfortable with my lines this early. Now, I did know most of the lines for one other show I was in, but because of the role, I was never completely comfortable with them. I really feel comfortable with these lines, that is different and a bit of a worry for me. Really, that is a good thing, I never want to be comfortable in a role. The bit of nervousness gives a role its life.

I am also working on a complete list of my 50 most important life moments. It was much harder than I thought. I’ve had so many important things happen in my life, and it has been difficult to put them in some sort of order.

Back to the lines…

4 thoughts on “Apparently I was missed….”

  1. Welcome back. I agree… knowing a part TOO well can be as dangerous as not knowing it AT ALL. It also adds that bit of adrenaline to a performance allowing for ENERGY.

  2. The lines are going very well. I am now working on some character development. This is a very fun character for me. The play will be a good one.

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