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Notice on the right side of this page there are links to various things. There are of course links to the blogs I write, and comments people make about them (Hey, I like the comments, so keep them coming). I have links to other blogs. I now added a few links to other places. I will be adding more in the future. These are the places that have some interest to me.

Since I’ve given a good percentage of my writings to things that happen in and around our little theater group, I thought I should add that site too. I don’t go to it that often, because I often know what is going on there. I was going to write a little bit about the theater anyway.

Last year in or around February I celebrated my 10th anniversary with the theater. Funny, I can’t remember the dates of the show, but I do remember it was the first show of 2007. It was the 3rd show of the 2006/2007 season. At that time, we were known as ‘The Williams County Playhouse’, or in most cases, just the Playhouse. People who knew about it, knew what you were talking about. I’ve averaged participating in 2 shows a year since 1997. I wasn’t always on stage, sometimes I would just run lights or help building sets.

Me, I’m what you could call a character actor. I’ve only had a couple of lead roles. Most of the time I’m in a supporting or cameo role. I kind of like it that way. I can only think of a couple plays where I would really want the lead role. To my great satisfaction, I have played the lead in the one show where I really wanted that part. Too bad we don’t have a history section for the theater web site. As a local community theater we’ve been active for over 50 years. I did notice today, that I am in a couple of pictures for some of the shows I’ve been in. Didn’t remember taking some of those pictures, and I’m glad none of the “Run for your Wife” pictures got in there.

Anyway, what was I going on about? A yes character rolls. I can’t say I was much of a character my first year or so. I just didn’t have the confidence in my acting to really start having fun. I had fun during rehearsals and after the shows, just not during the shows. The turning point came in a show called “Wait Until Dark”. While the director wanted me to smoke, it was pivotal to the rest of the show, I never managed to look comfortable smoking. I never smoked a cigarette in my life before that one on stage. Even though I looked like a rookie smoker, I think that caused my comfort level on stage to make a turn. The next time on stage, I was adding a little more to my characters. I’ve played an old man, a young kid, a psychiatrist (three times), a few cops, husband, minister, gay neighbor, British Sgt. Major, Silent film Actor, card playing buddy, gentleman’s gentleman, and a friend to a 6′ 4 1/2″ tall rabbit. I’m sure I have left something out, but that should cover most of them.

My favorite role was that of Elwood Dowd in “Harvey”. My least favorite role, was that of one of the beat cops in “Arsenic and Old Lace”, but it was my first WCP show, and I was sick during the run. My most memorable show was one I was in the light booth for. The very first show after my wife’s death. It was a show that dealt extensively with death. It was pure, intense therapy. Theater, my friends, can heal the soul, calm the heart, and make life a bit more realistic.

Why talk about all this now? Well, I know our little theater is in a financial bind (nothing new here, but that is the way of things). I’m sure other community theaters are also on the lookout for cash. So, I guess I’m begging a little here. There is a very good chance that you live near a community theater. Look them up, stop by a show, support them. Yes, there is a little culture going on, and the people in the theater groups are doing it for fun (we don’t get paid folks), but it can be so much more. Have a laugh or a cry watching live theater…..

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  1. You did forget about at least one role: John Reece – or was he the gentleman’s gentleman you referred to? I wouldn’t think you’d consider him a gentleman, or maybe you were trying to forget that role… you were a jerk 😉

  2. I don’t now much about acting, but what little I have done I just had to be myself, since I was playing a young boy, know if I ever get around to getting Lost Knights being Filmed, I will have to act different from my usualy self (I also felt like commenting to show you I do, just rarely, and only when it strikes me)

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