3 shows in the book.


Sunday afternoon show and more family showed up. They really seemed to enjoy our attempt to entertain. We had another good crowd and show today. It always amazes me the energy the actors get from the crowd. When the audience gets into a show, it seems the show gets better. That is how it was this weekend. A series of good audiences and fun shows.

This morning I spent some time getting new tires for my truck. While I was expecting to get new tires soon, I was hoping to be able to shop around a bit. I wasn’t pleased to be forced into getting new tires before I had that chance. But the happenings of yesterday my choices just a bit. There are very few places in the boondocks that are open on Sundays. So again, my hand was forced. Such is small town life.

But getting the tires did allow me to drive my youngest daughter back to college after the show. I like the time I get to spend with my daughters, so it was good to get the tires today. Oh well, the truck does need a bit more work. The miles I put on it tend to wear things out.

Starting Thursday we have our final run of 4 shows. I hope they all go as well, and I have few vehicle problems.

3 thoughts on “3 shows in the book.”

  1. The trade-offs between an urban and a small town lifestyle are not obvious until you’ve lived both or until you unexpectedly need something major. And expensive as it may seem right now, believe me, small town life more than pays for itself in many more ways than one.
    Glad to hear it was another good show.

  2. While Toledo isn’t as big as Chicago, I did live there for a few years. I was made for country life and I won’t move back unless I have to. Yes, I would have been able to find another spot to get tires if I was in Toledo, but what neighborhood would I have had the flat tire in.

  3. very true who knows where you may have ended up in Toledo. I agree wholeheartedly… good audiences beget good performances. Break a leg next weekend 😀

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