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Whew. Okay, I have now gone through my junior high yearbooks and will soon have a post or two on that topic. Several memories, some forgotten mysteries, and general strangeness. More on that to come. I still have four high school band yearbooks (yes, the band had its own yearbook) and my one surviving yearbrickbook from my freshman year, but I won’t wait on those books- they will be a post or two all by themselves.


So what have I been up to?  More of the same, really.  A couple days a week are dedicated to just looking at and fixing photos online, usually adjusting the color when they are too blue or brightening dim or dark photos.  I also report photo problems I cannot fix like photos taken at bad angles or ones so dark (or bright) that they can’t be properly fixed.  The other days I am still out in the field taking pictures at my own stores (soon to be given away so I can be free to fly out at any time) or helping another photographer who has been inundated as of late.  Just Tuesday, she did over 50 cars with the assistance of the co-owner.  She wants to give up some of the stores, but the owners like her too much apparently- for good reason as she is a very good photographer.


Besides that I have been rehearsing for Easter choir.  I finally got the music I need to practice at home.  For some reason they thought it would be a great idea to distribute the private link to the music over facebook instead of just emailing it to everyone, so when I realized an email was not forthcoming, I had to finally ask someone in the choir for the music.  No, not everyone uses facebook and I have no intentions of ever signing up, especially after hearing about what’s happening with Myspace and a company called Infochimps right now.


As for now, it’s a weekend of rest.  Two days off from work, no choir until next week, and no 4th/5th grade ministry.  I do enjoy what I do most of the time (even if fixing photos is a bit tedious), but it’s nice to have a rest now and then.

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  1. Glad things are going well. I am in the same Facebook boat with you – well ok, the same lake, different boat – I’ve signed up, but I have no intention of using my account, and I’m too lazy to close it. I wonder what’s happening with Myspace / infochimps right now – might be worth a look later when time allows.
    I can’t wait until the Facebook fad passes; I’m sick of hearing about it already. And I think it’s just plain impolite to send something out via Facebook only and assume that everyone is on it – glad you took the initiative to get what you needed. Good luck on the Easter choir!

  2. Yes… good luck on the Easter choir. I have to miss Easter Sunday service as the family will be out of town but will be going Saturday night! Facebook… touchy subject… wait and see. Can’t wait to hear about the school days 🙂

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